Residential vs Commercial Plumbing – What is the difference?

One must know that not every plumber is the same. Depending on the type or need of plumbing services, plumbers work accordingly. However, there are mainly two types of plumbing which are residential and commercial plumbing. Not many people can spot the difference between the two which is why they face the issues later. Whenever you are choosing plumber Liverpool professionals, you need to know what kind of plumber you are in need of. Though every plumber deals with leaks, burst pipes, etc. depending on the area one must choose. 

Residential plumbing vs Commercial plumbing

Both are equally important as it is essential for everyone to have a safe and healthy environment. However, if one is looking for a professional like Plumber Liverpool then it is imperative to know the difference and capabilities of both. Here are some of the differences of both residential and commercial plumbing mentioned below:

  • Scope of work – Residential places have simple plumbing systems as compared to commercial. However, commercial plumbers work at new construction sites, universities, cafes, schools, healthcare facilities, etc. that require proper planning and execution. And in the case of residential plumbing, the work remains simple and easy to handle. 
  • The difference in approach – There is also a difference in the approach of residential and commercial plumbing. Commercial plumbers are used to working in environments with little distractions, needs a precise schedule, and big high-tech plumbing tools. Whereas, residential plumbing comes will a simple and sorted approach. One needs to find the right time to do the job within a few hours. The approach of commercial plumbing is intricate and difficult. 
  • Repair and maintenance – With commercial plumbing, the plumbers are involved in big insurance policies which further decide their way of communication and time of repair. However, in the case of residential plumbing, the plumbers in Liverpool are direct and communicate simply about when to get repairs or maintenance. 


Both residential and commercial plumbing is different and has different plumbers to manage everything. However, when it comes to commercial plumbing, it is difficult than residential plumbing and involves complex systems and decisions. Thus, one needs to be aware of what kind of plumber they need to call when they are facing issues of drainage systems, slab leaks, flushing water lines, heating systems, etc. However, relying on plumber Liverpool professionals is the best choice to get your plumbing issues solved.